• The department was established in 1959
  • The department of Psychology has been working actively since last 52 years in imparting education to students at graduate and post graduate levels.
  • The department has been headed by scholar and Juminarice like late Prof. R. H. Trivedi, M. M. Patel, Dr. S. T. Patel.
  • The Department has a rich legacy of dedicated scholarly teachers like Dr. V. F. Patel, Dr, Harshben Rakhasiya, Dr. N. M. Pethani. Prof. Vandanaben Bhargav etc. in the past.
  • Currently Prof. C. S. Patel is heading the department.
  • It is the proud privilege of the Psychology department  that two of the professors have M. Phil. Degree and all are actively engaged in research.
  • Even today our students bring credit to our college with their bright performance in curricular and co – curricular activities. They lead in fields like research, social work, elocution, drawing, etc.

Our Vision

  • Psychology is the science of Human and Animal behavior and it includes the application of this science to solve human problems. It is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
  • It uses various scientific methods for the study. Psychology is directly related to human life. Psychology touches almost every factor of our life.
  • As society has become progressively more complex, psychology has assumed as increasingly important role in solving human problems.
  • Psychology has large scope and various fields. It is useful to solve our psychological, mental, social, family, educational and adjustment problems.


  • To  create among our students awareness for mental health.
  • To develop among our students required adjustment skills.
  • Overall development of personality of students.

Aims & Objectives

  • To familiarize students with the basic psychological process and the studies related to the factors, which influence them. It will also on some important area of psychology.
  • Helping the students to acquaint with the key concept methods, subject matter and applications of psychology.
  • To help students to make more effective choice in coping in coping with problems of everyday life.
  • To acquaint the students with the concept of adjustment and development.
  • To improve the knowledge about the abnormal behavior and therapies.
  • To aware the students regarding physical and mental health.
  • To familiarize the students with he various aspects of nature of work and occupation in modern society.
  • To provide better professional carrier opportunities to the students in the various fields of psychology like clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial psychology and sports psychology.